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Profi testépitők képes leírás - Testépítés, Body
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Profi testépitők - Testépítés, Body

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Jojo Ntiforo

Jojo Ntiforo

On November 23, 2002, I earned the status of IFBB Professional Bodybuilder by placing 1st in a very competitive heavyweight class of 39 competitors at the 2002 NPC National Championships, in Dallas, TX. This was the biggest Nationals in NPC history, and I knew I was up against some of the best in the Nation. Even though I didn't enter the show as one of the big names or one of the favorites to win, I ended up winning both the Friday night pre judging, and the Saturday evening finals with perfect scores. The victory put me in the record books as the first and currently the only bodybuilder in the history of state of New Mexico to turn pro in the IFBB.

Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva

Independence Days The irony that Sergio Oliva was born on the fourth of July, 1941, is lost on no one who knows the man or his reputation. For throughout his six decades Sergio has shown nothing if not a burning desire for his own independence, the very kind the forefathers of America, his adoptive country, proclaimed their right to 165 years earlier. But when Fidel Castro's opposition movement overthrew Cuba's Batista government in 1959 Sergio suddenly found his homeland was no longer a place where personal freedoms could be savored. A prodigiously gifted athlete from childhood, Sergio realized that his involvement in state sponsored sport could be his ticket to, if not freedom itself, then the opportunity to escape the stifling confines of the Cuban working class. Blessed with an almost preternatural combination of strength, speed and flexibility, Sergio wisely decided to channel his efforts into Olympic-style weightlifting.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler official site I was born August 3, 1973 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester is centrally located in Massachusetts. About 50 miles west of Boston. I grew up in a small town called Sterling, which is a suburb of Worcester County. I was born the youngest of seven, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My dad was a superintendent of the highway department and my mother worked in finance at a military base. My childhood was an active one. I enjoyed riding my bike and playing neighborhood games such as kick the can and hide and seek. I rode ATV's and worked on my family's farm which consisted of pigs, goats, chickens, and cows. I worked in my brother's concrete business from early on and developed quite a physique for myself. This physique was the foundation for my bodybuilding career.

Testépítés, Body building magazin hírek
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Szálkásító étrend nőknek Bár még mondhatjuk, hogy tél van, de hamar eljön a nyár és mint tudjuk a nyári forma télen készül, mégpedig többnyire a konyhában. Mindig hangsúlyozom, hogy az edzés kevés ahhoz, hogy valaki elérje a célját. A teljes siker akkor lesz meg, ha az edzést és a tiszta étkezést párosítjuk. Ha már elegendő izmot pakoltál magadra, vagy szép tónusos testet szeretnél és el...
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Otthoni köredzés edzésterv kezdőknek... A köredzés célja a légző- és szív-keringési rendszer fejlesztése, a nagy...
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Kezdő konditermi edzésterv nőknek Sokan gyanakodva gondolnak a konditeremre, a szó hallatán a kigyúrt izomagyak és...
Milos Sarcev

Milos Sarcev

Education: Giovane Medical Services Inc. American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine University of NoviSad-Nutritional Technology, Yugoslavia International Sports Science Association L'Accademia del Body Building e Fitness, Italy Professions: International Nutrition, Strength, and Conditioning Consultant Gym Owner Fitness Model IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutrition and Anti-Aging Principals Certified Fitness Trainer Writer; Weider Publications, editorial contributor Member of Flex Advisory Board

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